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Teach ESL Agency is a foreign recruitment agency on the teaching ESL market. Our agency recruits ESL teachers from all over the world for public schools, language schools, universities, companies and more.

Most of our clients are based in Asia, especially China. Everyday we’ll get new job offers for native as well as non-native speakers, with or without degrees.

With our knowledge, experience in the industry, and our client base we can find many new teaching jobs for our candidates and treat every prospective teacher with loyalty and honesty.




As a certified company we provide a step by step service.

From the moment you apply for a job, we’ll help and guide you through the entire process up until the day you work.

We make sure that the schools provide you all the necessary help you need. From airport pick up, finding the right housing, visa service and all the other needs.

We are aware of the many scams in the ESL industry. Please be assured that we will never ask for any payments from our teachers or take any commissions from your salary.

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Hiring a teacher

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If you would like to hire a teacher, we can be of assistance to you.

We know what our customers want and have always found the right teacher for the right school.

We have many contacts in universities all over the world especially in native speaking countries.

We also have job fairs each year to recruit new teachers from native speaking countries.

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